If you have a hearing loss chances are it won’t go away, there is help and questions can be answered.

Hearing Problems: Having a hearing loss can be quite stressful; simply listening often requires a lot of effort. You can become tired exhausted lack concentration, stressed and in turn hard on your family and friends. Studies have shown that stress is much more common in hearing impaired people than in normal hearing people.hearing01
The Answer: If you do have a hearing loss hearing aids are the next best thing to your own hearing if you are made aware of what they are able to do to improve your quality of life. That’s what it is about, if you feel confident and stressed- less you can enjoy life more and your family and friends enjoy your company more.  It’s your life, your needs, your question, and importantly your decision.hearing02
About Us: Steve Dawson has been a resident Audiometrist for over 20years and lived in Northern Rivers for over 30 years. He knows full well the problems associated with hearing loss as he has been a hearing aid user himself for over 30 years. Constant training, manufacturers in house seminars and updates on technology keep us at the for front of hearing aid successful fittings and client satisfaction.hearing03

You have the questions, we have the answers, and you make the decision

  • Hearing Testing
  • Pre–employment testing
  • Provide internationally award winning designed hearing instruments
  • All styles and makes
  • Repairs to all hearing aids
  • Accessories for hearing aids for clarity with the TV, telephone, mobile phone music etc
  • Assistive listening devices including loop systems
  • Noise reduction and swim earplugs
  • Hearing aid earmoulds
  • Musicians filtered earplugs for Rock, orchestral and single artists
  • Home visits available for house bound residence
  • After hours service if required


Free: Screening / Consultation

Business Hours: 7 days if needed

Home Visits: retirement and nursing home visits are available